Other curricula

restoration site
UC Davis graduate students mentor high school
students at a local restoration site, © Nina Suzuki/
Center for Land-Based Learning

Fall conference: Each academic year begins with a Fall Conference -- an in-house meeting that brings together trainees, undergraduates, faculty trainers, and non-faculty trainers. The conference highlights the activities of the IGERT over the past year, allows new students entering the program to meet trainers and trainees, and provides an informal and relaxing setting to discuss challenges posed by rapid environmental change.

Responsible conduct of research: All REACH trainees will take a quarter-long seminar on scientific ethics and responsible conduct of research. Topics include the examination of normative assumptions, intellectual honesty, credibility, and misconduct; publication practices; student-mentor relationships; funding and conflicts of interest; communication and peer review; human-subjects policies for social sciences; and the responsible use of scientific information to guide public policy.

Media training: The REACH core course includes modules on communication, but we also ask trainees to take a day-long workshop on media training offered by the UC Davis News Service.

Career development: REACH trainees have the opportunity to take seminars on professional development and teaching offered by UC Davis' Office of Graduate Studies and Teaching Resources Center.

“The media training that I received during the Biological Invasions IGERT has already paid off. As an intern with NOAA, I helped organize an effort to eradicate a non-native alga from the Oakland shoreline. A reporter from the local newspaper was covering the event, and various senior scientists were throwing around jargon like so many peanuts. When the reporter called me later to follow up, he asked me what the jargon meant. Drawing on my media training, I was able to cogently explain the jargon ("invasive" vs. "introduced") in a way that enhanced the resulting newspaper article. ” - Andy Chang, Biological Invasions IGERT 2003 cohort

photo credits: left -- the argentine ant, Linepithema humile,
© Alex Wild; top: Granite Mountains, Louie Yang/UCSB