Andean terraces
Trainee Dale Manning in the Andes, assisting with
photodocumentating glacial retreat relative to historic
photographs. © Alton Byers/The Mountain Institute

Broadly based approaches to solving the environmental problems that result from human-caused rapid environmental change require the training of scientists who can collaborate with colleagues outside academia and across international boundaries. Trainees in the REACH IGERT must complete a part-time quarter-long internship in a government agency, the private sector, or non-governmental organization. This typically will occur in the summer of the first year or during the second year of the program. Internships can be local, based elsewhere in the US, or international.

Internship proposals are developed by the trainee and the sponsor, and must be approved by the Internship Committee. For more information, download our internship fact sheet

photo credits: left -- Manzanita sp., © California State Parks; top: part of the Putah Cache Bioregion, Peter Moyle/UC Davis