Core course

Restoration work in California grasslands,
© Nina Suzuki/Center for Land-Based Learning
Jay Lund explains the Sacramento-San Joaquin
Delta to students on an IGERT core course field trip,
© Peter Moylei/UC Davis

Trainees in the REACH IGERT take a two-quarter core course designed to...

Lectures, readings, and discussions will guide students through the underpinnings of disciplines that contribute to the study and management of environmental change. Students will use case studies viewed through many lenses to gain these insights. Lecturers will include researchers and managers from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, as well as UC Davis faculty.

Core courses are open to all students. Draft syllabi (in .pdf form) coming soon:

“There is background, there is theory, there is application. Discussions with real-world people who've been out there and hands-on projects have given us confidence to know that we can be effective. And it makes us better scientists.” - Elizabeth Wells, Biological Invasions IGERT 2005 cohort

photo credits: left -- Anolis sagrei © Jonathan Losos/Harvard; top: Sonoma State Beach, © California State Parks