Bridge RAships

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Deer at Bodega Marine Reserve, Daniel Stewart/UC Davis
Taking a lunch break at a fall conference

Trainees and associates in the REACH IGERT (i.e., students who have completed the REACH IGERT core curriculum) are eligible to apply for 12-month Bridge RAships. Bridge RAships will...

  • provide advanced graduate students with opportunities to work closely with, and “bridge,” researchers from different disciplines;
  • serve to catalyze collaboration and institutionalize a culture of multidisciplinary research within the faculty.

In addition, students who hold a Bridge RA have the option to include a one-quarter teaching project, in collaboration with a faculty member, involving an undergraduate course that the faculty member teaches regularly.

Applications for Bridge RAs will be accepted in April 2012. RAships will be awarded competitively based on the quality of the mini-proposal and on the multi-disciplinary nature of the project.

To apply for a Bridge RA: Applicants must...

  • be Biological Invasions IGERT trainees, REACH IGERT trainees, or REACH IGERT associates (i.e., students who have completed the two REACH core courses);
  • submit a three-page proposal that describes the interdisciplinary research project;
  • attach letters of support from the faculty members or other researchers who will mentor the project;
  • attach a letter of support from the major professor, indicating approval of the student to do an interdisciplinary research project;
  • (for the optional teaching component) include a two-page description of the specific individual and collaborative activities of the faculty member and the Bridge RA in offering the course, with a letter of support from the mentoring faculty member.

Students awarded a Bridge RA will receive a $30,000 stipend and fee waivers, with timing to be determined by mutual agreement.

Information about the Bridge RA application will be sent to graduate groups in Winter 2012. Other questions? Contact Carole Hom, clhom at ucdavis dot edu.

“The only down side about being offered a tenure track position at a research university is that I didn't get to apply to the REACH IGERT Bridge RAship. ” - Tim Waring, Biological Invasions IGERT 2004 cohort

photo credits: left -- Ceanothus foliosus, Steve Matson; top: redwoods and ferns, ©US National Park Service