Faculty trainers

Bean Hollow State Beach, Doug Dolde

REACH trainers include faculty across many departments at UC Davis. Many of these faculty accept students through more than one graduate program. Prospective applicants should contact faculty in their area of interest and inquire about graduate program affiliations.

Click on the name of a particular trainer for more information about his/her research. Unless otherwise indicated, e-mail addresses below should be followed by @ucdavis.edu.

Agricultural and Resource Economics

James E. Wilen (wilen at primal.ucdavis.edu)


Monique Borgerhoff-Mulder (mborgerhoffmulder)
Joseph P. Dumit (jpdumit)
Bruce Winterhalder (bwinterhalder)

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jay R. Lund (jrlund)
Deborah A. Niemeier (dniemeier)

Environmental Science & Policy

Marissa Baskett (mlbaskett)
Edwin R. Grosholz (tedgrosholz)
Susan Handy (slhandy)
Alan Hastings (amhastings)
Mark N. Lubell (mnlubell)
Steven Morgan (sgmorgan)
Peter Richerson (pjricherson)
Paul Sabatier (pasabatier)
James Sanchirico (jsanchirico)
Mark Schwartz (mwschwartz)
Andrew Sih (asih)
Michael Springborn (mspringborn)

Evolution & Ecology

Richard K. Grosberg (rkgrosberg)
Eric Sanford (edsanford)
Thomas W. Schoener (twschoener)
H. Bradley Shaffer (hbshaffer)
John J. Stachowicz (jjstachowicz)
Maureen L. Stanton (mlstanton)
Sharon Y. Strauss (systrauss)
Donald R. Strong (drstrong)
Michael Turelli (turelli)
Susan L. Williams (slwilliams)


Tessa Hill (tmhill)


Louis S. Warren (lswarren)

Land, Air & Water Resources

James Richards (jhrichards)

King Hall School of Law

Holly D. Doremus (hddoremus)

Medicine and Epidemiology

Ian Gardner (iagardner)


Gerald Dworkin (gdworkin)
James R. Griesemer (jrgriesemer)
Roberta Millstein (rlmillstein)

Plant Pathology

Pamela Ronald (pjronald)

Plant Sciences

Allison Berry (amberry)
Mary Cadenasso (mlcadenasso)
Paul L. Gepts (plgepts)
Kevin J. Rice (kjrice)
Truman P. Young (tpyoung)


Thomas Beamish (tdbeamish)
Patrick Carroll (pcarroll)

Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology

Timothy M. Caro (tmcaro)
Peter B. Moyle (pbmoyle)
photo credits: left -- the California tiger salamander, Ambystoma tigriense, Gerald and Buff Corsi, ©California Academy of Sciences; top -- a vernal pool in Sacramento County, Jo-Ann Ordano
© California Academy of Sciences