Students in the REACH IGERT have diverse backgrounds and academic interests, and hail from geographic regions across the US. However, they share the recognition that interdisciplinary collaboration is essential to addressing questions posed by rapid environmental change.

2008-2009 students
The 2008-2009 cohort of REACH trainees

2009-2010 students
The 2009-2010 cohort of REACH trainees

2008 cohort

  • Iara Lacher, Ecology
  • Sarah Moffitt, Ecology (EPA Science to Achieve Results Fellow; 2010 recipient, Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grant Program in Marine Environmental History and Historical Marine Ecology, 2013 Switzer Fellow)
  • Dale Manning, Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Dan Swezey, Population Biology (NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  • Will Wetzel, Population Biology

2009 cohort

  • Jessica Abbott, Population Biology (NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  • Jennifer Balachowski, Ecology (2013-2014 Fulbright Fellow)
  • Susan Chen, Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Carmen Cortez, Ecology (NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  • Meredith Niles, Ecology (NSF Graduate Research Fellow, 2010 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award, 2013 Switzer Fellow)

2009-2010 Bridge RAs

  • Laurie Harris, Epidemiology: Mountain gorillas and response to human-induced habitat changes: Linking veterinary epidemiology, demography, and land use science.
  • Jonah Piovia-Scott, Population Biology: Biology and management of a fungal pathogen of amphibians in the mountains of northern California
  • Jason Sexton, Ecology: Biodiversity hotspots under global change: human and ecosystem adaptive potentials for reducing impacts.
    (Sexton et al., 2010, Diversity and Distributions 16:439-450,
2010-2011 students
The 2010-2011 cohort of REACH trainees

2010 cohort

  • Jaime Ashander, Population Biology
  • Kelly Gravuer, Ecology
  • Megan Kelso, Ecology (NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  • Mary E. Mendoza, History (2012-2013 Smithsonian Institution Latino Studies Predoctoral Fellow at the National Museum of American History, 2013-2014 Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellow)
  • Noam Ross, Ecology

2011-2012 Bridge RAs

  • Eliot Crafton, Ecology: Incorporating Vector Ecology into Biogeographic Modeling for Invasive Species
  • Melissa Whittaker, Ecology:
    The butterfly guide: developing mobile tools for natural history education and biodiversity informatics
2011-2012 students
The 2011-2012 cohort of REACH trainees

2011 cohort

  • Allison Dedrick, Ecology
  • Shahla Farzan, Ecology (NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  • Matt Hamilton, Ecology
  • Erik Porse, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Gabriel Sampson, Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Derek Young, Ecology (NSF Graduate Research Fellow)

2012-2013 Bridge RAs

  • Jaime Ashander, Population Biology: Combining management and evolutionary adaptation to respond to rapid environmental change: a bioeconomic analysis
  • Esther Cole, Ecology: Motivation for youth participation in environmental stewardship and implications for the conservation of a federally threatened species, Thamnophis gigas
  • Rosie Hartman, Ecology: Changing attitudes, management, and communities: how user preference and ecological interactions influence management for fisheries and biodiversity
  • Dale Manning, Agriculture and Resource Economics: How do bio-economic factors influence the incentives for resource management?
  • Noam Ross, Ecology: Managing forest disease under uncertainty


  • John Bovay, Agricultural and Resource Economics (2010)
  • Esther Cole, Ecology (2012)
  • Katherine Eskra, Ecology (2011)
  • Rosemary Hartman, Ecology (2011)
  • Shaina Meiners, Plant Sciences (2012)
  • Ryan Schacht, Anthropology (2009)
  • Haengku Yoon, Agricultural and Resource Economics (2010)
photo credits: left -- invasive Scotch broom, Cytisus scoparius; top --
San Francisco Bay Area from Mt. Tamalpais, © California State Parks