Non-faculty trainers

San Andreas fault in the Carrizo Plain, courtesy of Ian Kluft

The REACH IGERT includes staff from agencies and non-profit organizations who participate as non-faculty trainers. These individuals give guest lectures in REACH courses, offer input on second-year projects as appropriate, and mentor trainees in internships.

California Department of Fish and Game
Brenda Johnson (habitat conservation and planning)
Steven Schoenig (invasive and native species, databases, and habitat modeling)
Centro de Investigación Cientifica de Yucatán, México
Patricia Colunga
David Zizumbo Villareal
Grupo de Ecologia Terrestre y Departo Genetica, Granada, Spain
Rafael Morales Baquero
Juan Pedro Martinez Camacho
Institute for Applied Ecology, Canberra, Australia
Arthur Georges
International Livestock Research Institute, CGIAR, Nairobi, Kenya
Dr. Mohammed Said (land use, biodiversity conservation, human resource management)
The Mountain Institute, Peru
Jorge Recharte (sustainable development, conservation of montane regions)
The Nature Conservancy
John Randall (global invasive species)
Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes
José de Jesús Luna-Ruiz (ecological genetics, agroecology)
UC Cooperative Extension
Joseph DiTomaso (invasive species)
UC Wildlife Health Center
David Bunn (environmental policy)
US Geological Survey
Rob Klinger (climate change, fire ecology, plant-animal interactions)
photo credits: left -- Aristolochia californica, courtesy of the UC Davis Arboretum;
top -- Mt. Tallac, courtesy of Jesse Bexten