The REACH IGERT admitted its first cohort in 2008. Alumni from the Biological Invasions IGERT (including two REACH Bridge RAs) include postdocs and faculty in academic positions, agency researchers and advisors, and staff of non-governmental organizations.

IGERT alumni
The first REACH IGERT grads! Drs. Manning and
Lacher, with a personalized mortarboard
and an old-timer.
IGERT alumni
2010 Commencement, with Drs. Waring, Hufford,
and Aslan (in spirit).
IGERT alumni
Bumper crop: 2009 Graduate Commencement,
with Drs. Grossman, Olyarnik, Bella, Muir,
Epanchin-Niell, and Chang



  • Jonah Piovia-Scott, postdoctoral researcher, US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Jason Sexton, Assistant Professor, UC Merced

BioInv IGERT Long-term trainees

  • Clare Aslan, David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow, soon to be Conservation Research Scientist at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (June 2012)
  • Elizabeth Bella, Ecologist, USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service, Alaska
  • Jennifer Burt, Senior Restoration Ecologist, AECOM
  • Jarrett Byrnes, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Liz Chamberlin, writer
  • Andy Chang, postdoctoral researcher, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, and research associate, San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
  • Sarah Elmendorf, staff scientist, NEON
  • Becky Epanchin-Niell, Research Fellow, Resources for the Future
  • Ryan Fischer, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
  • Judah Grossman, project manager, The Nature Conservancy
  • Matt Hufford, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
  • Tawny Mata, AAAS Science and Policy Fellow -- Adviser to the Chief Scientist, US Department of Agriculture
  • Adrianna Muir, Policy Analyst, US Department of the Interior
  • Suzanne Olyarnik, Director, Bodega Marine Reserve
  • Jonah Piovia-Scott, postdoctoral researcher, US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Jason Sexton, Assistant Professor, UC Merced
  • Kari Veblen, Assistant Professor of Rangeland Ecology, Utah State University
  • Tim Waring, Assistant Professor, University of Maine, Orono
  • Heidi Weiskel, staff scientist, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
  • Alpa Wintzer, postdoctoral researcher, UC Davis
  • Amber Wright, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Hawaii

BioInv IGERT Short-term trainees

  • Jun Bando, Strategic Advisor to the Commander of United States Africa Command
  • James Barilla, Assistant Professor of English, University of South Carolina
  • Kit Batten, Global Climate Change Coordinator, USAID
  • James Buckley, Professor, California Maritime Academy
  • Jonathan Gelbard, Executive Director, Conservation Value Institute
  • Matt Haber, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Utah
  • Jennifer Lau, Assistant Professor of Plant Biology, Kellogg Biological Station
  • Beth Leger, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Karen Leyse, Acting Branch Chief, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Sacramento
  • Jeanine Pfeiffer, Lecturer, San Jose State University; Marine Life Protection Act Program Outreach Facilitator for Mendocino County; Program Leader in Conservation Training, Partnerships and Ethics, NIH-International Collaborative Biodiversity Group for Indonesia
  • Evan Preisser, Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island
  • Matt Rahn, Director for Development and Research with the San Diego State University Field Stations Program
  • Ben Sacks, Adjunct Assistant Professor, UC Davis
  • Kerri Steenwerth, Research Plant Pathologist, USDA
  • Theresa S. Talley, Adjunct Faculty, University of San Diego and UCSD; Researcher, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
  • Emma Underwood, Assistant Project Scientist, UC Davis
  • Sam Veloz, PRBO Conservation Science
photo credits: left -- sandhill cranes at the Cosumnes River Ecological Reserve, Louie Yang/UC Davis;
top -- wildflowers on Table Mountain, © Oren Pollack